From concept
To high-quality software solution
In a fast and cost-effective way

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Well defined work flow based on agile principles

You will enjoy both the results and the journey!

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Requirements Analysis & Refinement

We take a deep dive into your initial concept, as well as main objectives and purpose of the final product, in order to fully understand and define project requirements

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We create a project roadmap, identify the best technology stack and provide time/cost estimates

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We design the underlying software architecture and build UI/UX mockups that illustrate the envisioned look and feel of the product.

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We practice a very agile approach, frequently rolling out changes, allowing the client to be fully involved, easily track progress and suggest potential pivots.

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Testing is an integral part of development. Each project iteration goes through an intensive testing procedure before it gets rolled out.

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Deployment & Ongoing support

After all requirements are completed, verified, and deployed, our work on the product is not finished. We take special care to ensure your product is always up-to-date and working correctly.

A perfect choice for startups.

Our agile approach is tailor-made for startups!
You will get to your MVP in record time!


Our main mission is to become trusted partners to innovative startups.
This is why you will get a special offer for building your MVP!

And much more than that!

Our well-organized, highly skilled team and agile approach to software development
can be applied to enterprises of all sizes.


Through smart and creative solutions
we can help you digitalize your business processes,
improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

You need a tech partner

with a startup mentality!

Our Services and Expertise

Web Development

Create stunning websites and web applications optimized for user experience and performance (.NET, Node.js, React, Angular, jQuery, WordPress)

Mobile Development

Quickly conquer iOS and Android markets with cross-platform mobile applications (React Native)

Desktop Development

If you need exceptional performance, increased security, possibility for working off-line, then desktop application is the answer (WinForms)

Cloud Deployment

Leverage scalable and flexible cloud solutions to optimize business operations and increase efficiency (Azure, AWS, Firebase)

Database Design and Optimization

One of our strongest points is working with data - from database architectural design to performance optimization, we have you covered (SQL Server, Firestore)

Third-party System Integration

Integrate with third-party libraries and external APIs to improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and increase productivity (SalesForce, Google, Vendavo, Stripe, Messaggio)

Modern UI/UX using the best front-end frameworks
VanillaJS / CSS when you want to go extremely lightweight 
Modern, SEO optimized sites using most popular CMS frameworks
Stability and speed using the most reliable back-end frameworks
SQL or NoSQL database depending on your use-case
Serverless applications deployed to Azure or AWS

Success Stories

Table Genie

A cloud-based, cross-platform, and a simple-to-use restaurant reservation system built for a startup in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It encompasses a client-facing application for online reservations, as well as a back-office application for the management of reservations, restaurant tables, working hours, and much much more.

TableGenie screenshot


A cloud-based platform developed for a startup Salute Future in Padova, Italy, that integrates advanced machine learning algorithms for the purpose of different predictions in the urology domain.

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