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Our Vision

To be recognized for the quality of our services, the innovative software solutions we build, and the exceptional work environment we foster.

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Our Mission

To improve each day and enjot the journey together with our clients.

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Our Team

A cohesive team of highly skilled IT engineers who possess extensive experience and proven expertise as developers and project leads across a diverse range of software development fields.

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Even the perfect piece of software code is worthless if it does not solve specific client needs.

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We propose solutions

For every problem there are multiple solutions. We always try to understand the big picture and propose several solutions with their pros and cons.

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We nurture creativity and innovation

We take great pride in our work environment where we always welcome new ideas to become better and more efficient at what we do.

Nothing is more rewarding than to see people enjoy using what you have built.
ITeaCake CEO Marko Kovacevic
Marko Kovačević
Founder & CEO @ITeaCake